CKDS Goes Commercial!


Hello, Hello again! Happy weekend, finally! Today I wanted to show you some incredible commercial design inspirations, as we, at Cheryl Kaye Design Studio, are seriously getting into some amazing commercial projects! With Latitude 33 Hair Salon in its finishing stages, we also come into some great new client space ON

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Throw it Front Thursday!


Happy Thursday, my fellow interior lovers! In spite of throwing things back all day, let’s throw some things to the forefront! Today, I wanted to showcase some fabulous, & uniquely, hand-made, Noir Furniture designs! For the last decade Noir  has been building & importing some of the coolest furniture pieces ON

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Get Your Clawfoot Through The Door!


It’s time to talk about a little aspect out of everyone’s dream bathroom, THE CLAWFOOT TUB! A free standing clawfoot bathtub becomes the stunning, stylish centerpiece added to any luxury bathroom space. There’s nothing that reads “feminine-relaxation” like a beautiful, frilly bubble bath! The 19th century gave us many important ON

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Floor Me Up!

0 black & white washed wood flooring

Summer, I’m sad to see you leave, but Fall… HELLO, DARLING! And a Happy Monday to you my fellow interior gazers! I thought I’d start this week off with something inspiring! Here at the studio, when product researching we have a little something we call DCA… & no, that doesn’t ON

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Give Me All The Gold & Marble You Have!


Ooh the power couple of design! I can not get enough gold & marble, especially ROSE GOLD & MARBLE! The color contrast is such a stunning choice for pendants, bar stools, backsplash, countertops, etc… Gold reflects in the most beautiful of ways complimenting itself against light marble, but as you ON

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